Lin Patterson Textiles
Unique Textile Art From Suffolk


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Lin Patterson Textiles - Wall Hangings

Wall Hangings

My wall hangings are my signature works. A riot of vibrant colours combined in subtle and visually magical creation.

The light is reflected off the silk velvet to give a jewel like effect.

Each wall hanging is a unique piece of art which will add warmth and colour to your home.

 Magic Roundabout  Carnival  Small Squares I Circle Theory  Three Sixty   Small Squares
 Groovy  Ebb & Flow Dragon Squares I  Maze  Fab II  Large Squares 
 Puzzled Small  Dancing Squares Small  All Square Small Gems Wall Hanging   Fab & Groovy II small  Limelight small
 Let The Sun Shine In small  Spruced Up Small  Fab Small  Circle Blues Small